At the Revision Sinus Surgery Center of Excellence in Los Angeles, our team of top sinus surgeons often perform a procedure known as a Balloon Sinuplasty™ to help patients overcome years of uncomfortable sinus troubles. A Balloon Sinuplasty can relieve several symptoms related to sinusitis and chronic sinusitis as the treatment uses an endoscopic catheter to open inflamed sinuses in the nasal cavity. The procedure works by allowing the balloon to slowly become inflated, there fore widening the blocked nasal passageways without doing any damage to surrounding tissues.

Unlike other surgical sinus procedures, the Balloon Sinuplasty treatment is designed to be a minimally invasive procedure with an extremely quick recovery. Though recovery times tend to vary from individual to individual, it’s extremely common for patients to return to their normal life activities after only 24 hours. A Balloon Sinuplasty can also be performed multiple times should sinus issues return later in life, or if the patient develops a progressive sinus disease.

Candidates For A Balloon Sinuplasty

Undergoing a Balloon Sinuplasty in Los Angeles can truly be a life changing procedure for those dealing with difficult sinus conditions. Individuals who often make excellent candidates to undergo a Balloon Sinuplasty include people who are experiencing any of the following symptoms and who have a history of sinus problems, including but not limited to:

  • Sinusitis or chronic sinusitis
  • Nasal obstruction and blockage
  • Nasal discharge
  • Sinus headaches
  • Facial fullness and pain
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of taste or smell
  • Tooth pain
  • Throat pain from sinus discharge

A Balloon Sinuplasty can be performed at the Revision Sinus Surgery Center of Excellence in Beverly Hills as an out patient procedure, meaning you are free to return home to rest and recovery and you will not need to stay the night at our surgery center. Often times, after undergoing a Balloon Sinuplasty, a patient will report an immense increase in their breathing ability immediately after the procedure has taken place. A Balloon Sinuplasty offers a world of improvement to individuals stricken with sinus issues, and you’re encourage to contact our practice today to learn how the procedure can benefit you!

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If you’ve been struggling with sinus issues, the world-renowned sinus surgery experts at the Revision Sinus Surgery Center of Excellence encourage you to contact our medical practice today to schedule your initial consultation by calling (877) 375-7972. During this time, our doctors will have the chance to examine you and your nasal cavity to determine which type of minimally-invasive sinus surgery will be appropriate to meet your needs and ultimately help you breathe easier.

Fore additional information about undergoing a Balloon Sinuplasty, contact our medical practice in Los Angeles today.

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