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Testimonials from the Revision Sinus Surgery Center of Excellence Los AngelesOur expert sinus surgeons are always humbled to hear from patients about how a procedure has impacted their life in a positive way through patient sinus surgery testimonials. We hope you will find the below sinus surgery testimonials encouraging to remind you that there is hope! Please call our center today to schedule a consultation for sinus surgery and be on your way to recovery.


Below are some sinus surgery reviews from our happy patients!

“Dr. Zadeh is simply the very best! When my life was at risk with cancer, Dr. Zadeh performed difficult surgeries in my throat and neck. They were a great success, and he did them so skillfully that the scars are not even visible. Besides, my ability to speak has been undamaged. The follow-up care, over several years, has been quite thorough and wonderful, as Dr. Zadeh is a dedicated physician, whose expertise and caring for the patient has given me great assurance. I have sent my family members to Dr. Zadeh, and I highly recommend him regarding all ENT matters. I am truly appreciative to know Dr. Zadeh.”

-Gregory M.

-Jennifer, life-long sinusitis sufferer

“I am breathing better than I have in 15 years thanks to Dr. Zadeh’s work on my nose and sinuses. The surgery he performed was very successful thanks to his excellent technical skills as a surgeon. And equally important, I received the most professional, personalized care possible. Dr. Zadeh ensured that I understood the process every step of the way and took time to keep me informed. He personally followed-up with me several times in the week after my surgery to make sure I was healing properly and that I wasn’t in too much discomfort. I am most appreciative of his caring attitude towards patent care and would highly recommend him.”

-Jeffrey S.

“My anesthesiologist was amazing!”


“Dr. Larian saved me from an unbearable pain in my sinuses. Not only is he a wonderful doctor, but a great guy. All in all, he is THE best and an expert sinus surgeon.”

-Catherine H.

“Dr. Larian is an incredible doctor and a wonderful human being. He took such great care of my brother during a very painful and uncomfortable time and I’m happy to report that he’s as good as new with no recurrent problems. Thank you!”

-Jessica R.

“My experience with Dr. Michel Babajanian resulted in the highest caliber of surgery, treatment and follow-up. His skills as a surgeon were already highly touted to me beforehand and they absolutely measured up. But his care and attention when following up with me after surgery are what I feel takes him to the next level of patient care. In a world where health care is a scary and costly proposition, knowing you are in Dr. Babajanian’s hands will bring you confidence, relief and comfort at a time when you need it the most. This guy is the best and I thank him for getting me through a very difficult period. Like me, I have no doubt you’ll feel incredibly lucky to be in his hands.”

-Kevin S.

-Stephen, Balloon Sinuplasty patient

“I am a recent beneficiary of sinus surgery performed by Dr. Zadeh. It has truly changed many aspects of my day to day life. At first I thought it would just make it “easier” to breath. However, I now realize all the other benefits which include better sleep (and much more energy the next day due to same); better concentration during the day; easier time working out; not to mention just not having to think about where my nose spray and tissues are all the time. The decision to have the surgery is honestly one of the best I ever made.

With respect to the staff, Dr. Zadeh and his team were amazingly attentive and helpful throughout both the decision process and the post surgery follow ups. I felt very informed and was surprised how quick the recovery was. Overall the experience was very positive and I would recommend both the surgery and Dr. Zadeh to anyone needing sinus surgery.”

– Adam K.

“In late February, I had sinus surgery performed by Dr. Zadeh to reduce the frequency and severity of my chronic sinus infections. The surgery went without incident and the recovery process was right on schedule. My follow-up care with the doctor was friendly and helpful. And my sinuses have remained consistently more clear since the surgery. Case in point: before the surgery, I took a decongestant pill every day to try and keep my sinuses clear. Since the surgery four months ago, I have taken a total of five decongestant pills. I have had a very positive experience throughout this process.”

– Geoffrey A.

“I absolutely loved my experience with expert sinus surgeon Dr. Larian. He was very thorough, gave very good explanations, and answered all of my questions. His bedside manner is impeccable.”

-Megan S.

“Dr. Larian’s staff were very helpful and kind. He was wonderful, very professional, good listener and thoughtful in his explanation of situation. I have appreciated his help and interest immensely.”

“Dr Larian,

You will always be in my prayers. Thank you for not giving up on me when others said there was nothing that could be done. You are totally awesome and I thank God for you.”

Lara “A miracle”

“Dear Dr Larian,

Angie and all the kind assistants at the desk: Thank you so much for your extraordinary care in my health & well-being. Nothing is more important than my voice. I was very nervous about finding a good doctor in LA to help me with my allergies and related issues concerning my voice. However, you & your staff have done more for me than any other medical staff I have encountered. What a relief you all have been. All of you are great to work with. I am feeling much better in so many ways, and much of it is owed to all of you. Thank you! If every doctor’s office were like this, the world would be a much healthier place.”

Sincerely, Gavin L

“Dr Larian,

As I approach the anniversary of my surgery, I find myself counting my blessings. Please know that meeting you rank very high on my list of blessings. Thanks so much for your excellent service & care.”

Sincerely, Douglas

“Dr. Babjanian is a top notch ENT physician.  He has taken care of me for several issues over the years, mostly recently for the removal of a parathyroid gland.  Not only does he explain everything thoroughly and clearly, he never seems to be rushing off to the next patient although he is always very busy.  He is kind and compassionate and has the perfect blend of crisp professionalism, warmth and humor.  My surgery scar which is on the front of my neck is invisible.  He did an incredibe job   In addition to all of this, he is an excellent diagnostician.  I have already recommended him highly to a number of people.”

– Linda G.

“Deciding on the right surgeon to deal with my hyperparathyroidism was crucial because I am single and my career depends on a positive, professional image.  My case was complicated with exploratory surgery my only option.  After receiving conflicting opinions from multiple doctors and surgeons in the major city where I live, I flew 1,500 miles to L.A. to see Dr. Babajanian.

Dr. Babajanian is truly committed to his profession.  He is a highly skilled doctor and surgeon that will take the time to answer all of your questions.  He earned my trust and my respect.  Not only is Dr. Babajanian kind, compassionate, and extremely knowledgeable, he performed my surgery flawlessly and cured me of the disease.  Within 3 months of the surgery, my scar turned in to a thin line that almost no one notices when meeting me.  If you want a truly remarkable doctor, see Dr. Babajanian.”

– DL S.

“Dear Dr. Zadeh,

I personally want to thank you for your assistance with my dad, Ray H. You came into the case with no prior knowledge and you were so kind and patient. You dealt with the case with both common sense and intellectual acumen. While your reputation precedes you, I can’t express enough how impressed I have been with your professionalism. Obviously, your reputation is well deserved. I shall also like to compliment your staff, both front desk and Hillary, who were very patient with a concerned daughter.

Thanks again for your efforts. ”

–  Patti J.

“Dear Dr. Zadeh,

I experienced a very horrific ordeal when the large blood vessel in my nose broke. It literally scarred me beyond anything imaginable.

I have been on this earth for many years and I must say that your professional presence and soothing demeanor were deeply appreciated, welcomed and needed at that moment.

You are an incredible doctor, your healing hands encompassed a great deal of passion, concern and care.  Thank you for my life.

I will always be grateful to you for being such a skilled surgeon.

Thank you very much.”

– Carol B.

“OK, so I decide to find a Doc who specializes in the throat since I seem to have a tonsil infection of some sort. So I come across Dr Mani Zadeh on Yelp. Hmmm… all five stars… a bunch of relatives & friends maybe? So I go ahead and make an appointment and get to see him the same day!

After filling out a bunch of forms at the front desk. I’m seeing the Dr. within 15 minutes of my scheduled appointment.

Dr. Zadeh, spends some quality time asking pertinent questions and then proceeds to thoroughly examine my ears, nose & mouth crevices with his mining head lamp on. 😉

Luckily all I seem to have is a tonsil cyst, which we decide to just keep an eye on for the time being. And advises to keep him informed of any changes.

Will do, and I must say the Doc is very kind as is his staff.

Thanks for being there!”

-Harry R.
Los Angeles, CA

“I had a pleasant experience. The staff was friendly, helpful, and seemed to, sincerely, care about my well-being. The surgical center was nice & clean. I’m glad I had my surgery at LaPeer Surgical Center.”

-Lisa P.
Los Angeles, CA

“Everybody was so nice and even beautiful, it made me feel like I was in a TV show. All the nurses look like actresses and they were extremely kind.”

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